Veronica is the founder and owner of Veronica’s Snacks, supplying low fat baked crisps to supermarkets throughout Ireland and the UK.

Diagnosed with a melanoma in 2010, three years later she was told it had spread to her brain, and there was nothing more they could do.

Today, she is in recovery thanks to a newly developed immuno-oncology treatment, and as a result she is passionate about finding and developing the tools we need to make the most of our time, and achieve our personal and professional goals.

At the core of her approach is the three c’s – Calmness, Confidence and Courage. Whatever the challenge take a deep breath and stay calm; have the confidence to believe you will be able to solve the problem – there is a solution somewhere, maybe not you but you will find the right person; and find the courage to keep your head up and face the challenge straight on.

Veronica can help your team find new ways of approaching challenges and develop the mindset and skills needed to overcome obstacles.